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The Emergency Shelter-Basic Center Program is licensed as a Child Caring Institution by the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services. Primary funding is provided through grants from the Michigan Department of Human Services, Department of Health and Human Services, and MSHDA. The agency also relies heavily on community and family donations. FYI does not take health insurance and is free to youth and families. A maximum of 6 youth, ages 12 thru 17, can be housed for up to 21 days. The agency is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. FYI also has a 24 hour crisis line for youth, families and those interested in referring a youth to the program.

We provide safe spaces for young people to have their basic needs met, be listened to and respected, discover more of their strengths and talents and learn coping and resiliency skills. FYI can also be a place to start thinking about a positive future. We understand that most of the young people and their families interested or involved in our programs have a had some tough or traumatic life experiences.

Life Skills

Life skills to help youth become successful include: positive communication skills, assertiveness, handling anger, conflict resolution skills, cultural diversity, decision making, self-esteem and handling stress, as well as, preparing lunch and dinner from scratch, meal planning, household chores, goal setting, healthy living, employment skills, handling money and community service.


Residential youth will participate in individual counseling. Family involvement in counseling is strongly encouraged. The families level of involvement and commitment will directly affect the child’s outcome.


Positive opportunities for fun include: board games, card games, pool, activities at the local YMCA, exercise, nature walks, video games, basketball, arts and crafts, reading and recreational outings.